The last is a check digit. If another soft font is to be used, it must be selected. The printer goes off line after printing stops. To make graphics faster to send and smaller to store, several algorithms are included with the graphic command to compress the data. Due to space limitations, only 10 characters can be printed. These commands start the recording process and automatically save the macro when it is complete.

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TransAct cannot guarantee that changes in software and equipment made by other manufacturers, and referred to in this publication, do not affect the applicability of information in this publication. Turning the printer off.

The paper sensor s used to output paper-end signals are selected by using n as follows: The printer must be on-line and ready to activate the command. In serial mode, the response to an inquiry should be received by the host before another inquire command is issued to the printer.

Refer to command descriptions. The printer uses an 80W internal supply. In compression, the first byte is an index into the byte stream, as it would exist if sent in an uncompressed format.


The command must be followed by the “End name macro record” command with the same name. It is only valid in page mode. If not confirmed, the printer resets and the process starts over. Many applications use space control to position fields. Il tuo indirizzo email non sara pubblicato.

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If any of the sensors detect a paper end, the paper end signal is output. Small, Medium, and Large. The printer does not indicate when the buffer is full. When auto line feed is disabled, [CR] prints the data in the print buffer and does not feed the paper. The first byte is ithac count, and the second is the graphics data. Slide the interface card sideways-towards the power supply pocket-and remove it.

Barcodes may be printed horizontally or vertically.

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For the first print line, the distance is calculated from the left margin. Typical values will be between 8 and 20 CPI depending on the font selected. When the printer receives an inquiry, it generates a response.

Unicode Encoding UTF is the most straightforward way to access characters above When the validation sensor is enabled and a paper-end is detected, the printer ejects the paper after printing as much as possible and enters the paper waiting state. The intent is for it to ithwca a sequence number. Transfer user m60 to extended user store Report on user store.


Cycling the power restarts the printer. If the left and right margins are set to the right of the current horizontal position, the new margins become valid in the same line. Unidirectional printing can be turned on when printing double-high characters to ensure that the top and bottom of the characters are aligned.

It is possible to select multiple sensors to stop printing. For example, a normal computer printer does not have cash drawers, such additional features require that the standard printer protocol be extended to deal with the added features of a point-of-sale POS printer.

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There is space for 40 lines. The bar code is centered on the print zone. If reset inhibit is set in the configuration menu, this command is ignored.

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