You have an idea, maybe even buy some of the parts you need, and then…nothing. The construction of this little bot is simple in the extreme. You can, indeed, make something louder and more annoying by adding more power. Self-balancing robots of various levels of complexity are a relatively common project in the hacker world. Secret Motor Driver – February 12, The two-inch tall double-decker bot is every economical.

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Ideal for making pin-to-pin connections. The indicator LEDs on the kit also make for a cool light show in the clear servo case, or as part of a breadboard-mounted motor driver.

Motor Drivers

To control the motors themselves, [Andrius] is using a cheap L controller that he found on eBay. Such is the life of the hacker. Way better than soldering tiny sockets to wires and heat-shrinking them yourself!

The L motor driver IC is a very popular but hard to use chip. The analogy is apt and helps to understand how a linear motor works, but it begs the question: The Secret LD motor driver kit replaces the guts of a standard servo and turns it into tidy gear motor with a ,293 in motor driver! Secret Motor Driver – May 8, [Documentation]: This kit is tucked inside a standard servo body, like our GM4 clear servo gear motor.


By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Sometimes, we need devices to notify us of something. Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself. So, how do you drive these power-hungry devices?

Solarbotics L293D Secret Motor Driver

As we secreet know, sometimes the projects we plan simply never materialize. One of the things he was most interested in is the geared stepper motor seen above. An assorted bundle of all our flat-top wide-angle 5mm LEDs, and the best way to quickly restock your workbench. The uC is able to interface with the gearhead motors thanks to an LD h-bridge motor driver chip.

Nope, no microcontroller here, just a full-blown cellphone used as the brains of this little robot. Our Compact Motor Driver Kit tames this beast, and adds useful functionality! Secret Motor Driver – February 12, Full body tumbling gets this aggressive robot over all sorts of terrain on its search for light! He chose an Arduino variant, called the Ardweeny. The Solarbotics Sumovore Kit is a strong, modular design with over man-hours of development and 21 prototypes behind it.


From there he added an ATtiny85 which will take care of the stepping protocol necessary to move the motor.

All of these problems can be solved with a buzzer or an LED. This is certainly a fun way to play around with the DTMF protocol. Mmotor the break you can see him sending step commands to the driver board. He was able to get it running with an Arduino in no time so he decided to take the project a little bit further. What if you need to tell everyone within a half mile that something is wrong. Don’t want to drive a servo? Remember Me Forgot Your Password?

Solarbotics LD Secret Motor Driver :: Solarbotics

A piece of plywood makes up the primary structure, with the wheels glued to the bottom and the electronics taking up residence in the top. The video after the break shows him driving the rover directly by pressing number on the phone like a tethered remote control.

The smoke detector battery is getting low.

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