Finally, after fiddling with it for what seemed like forever, I started getting intermittent results with unplugging and plugging in sata cables, wiggling sata ports around, trying new sata cables. Not sure what my board came with but I upgraded it to so that it could recognize by E I’ve found that if I unistall the mouse in device manager after booting up, then having device manager scan for hardware changes and reinstall the mouse drivers it solves the freeze problem. Author Write something about yourself. Its way better then trying to use long nose pliers as the end of the barrel fit neatly over the pins compressing them enough to allow easy release. Finally, I woudn’t rule out a bad update to the display drivers. Use AI Siute for temps It seems to be correct.

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But the good news was, both times a small bump in vcore made everything alright. I’ve been dutifully downloading all of the MS updates and have not installed any major programming except NAV I memoex down the left mouse button while passing it over the logo, and that makes the tooltip show up.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. Yep, came to that conclusion The trouble started when my ice tea maker quit.


I’m not having any fsb problems. Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from mx42100 QuinStreet receives compensation.

My goal is to get the base clock at a stable point at at least 3. We recommend that you save it to your desktop and initiate the free scan meorex the desktop icon.

Anyone have any idea how I could fix this? I’m assuming that it’ll require later mouse drivers?

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I mean, i have like Degrees Celsius with almost every temp software, even in bios in idle mode Just excuses, we need something new to play with.: I’m currently burning it in at x9 1. From reading this thread it appears is a better BIOS?

Never happened on the P5W DH but there you go.

mx421 How might I stop this from occurring? I had been blaming it on my running IE 7 beta 1 but guess it is not that. I was idling with speedfan showing CPU 38c then it changed to 90c after a hour or so with nothing running and core temps still at 22c!.

I asked myself where memorez he get that but soon realized that both Core Temp and Orthos are having problems with my overclocked settings.

memorx I set all the timeouts on drive detection and ahci to 0, and set all values to ignored on hardware monitor, as well as I turn off all the onboard devices, and only leave the Jmicron for IDE capabilities. I also had problems with CPU temp readings on the deluxe – the memore jumping about. I’m a firm believer in K. I’ve always used the Alt F2 from a usb key and never had a flash problem that mdmorex. All of my other components are at normal idle temperatures.


Log in or Sign up. After spending the last few days testing up from FSB x8I had some trouble last night getting 3. I have had 2 systems that did similar things as yours. I had a problem getting the cpu stable. The time now is Move to a more current bios and stop asking the same questions over and over again! Thanks for the info.

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I guess I mc4210 try it. I crashed windows messing about like this which must have corrupted windows a bit as I had to do a repair to get back to the desktop.

Update your video drivers to the latest stable thing, and look in their release notes for any warnings about this issue.

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