Show only see all. This is the chassis and power supplies only. The interface is compatible with a broad range of web browsers without requiring any additional software to be installed to manage it. This will also show the breakdown of storage consumption at the tier level to view where data is currently situated. While our traditional usage of this benchmark has been to test large 3,scale databases on local or shared storage, in this iteration we focus on spreading out four 1,scale databases evenly across the MSA two VMs per controller. Additional SSDs add a significant cost to the overall purchase price of the array. All of these tests leverage the common vdBench workload generator, with a scripting engine to automate and capture results over a large compute testing cluster.

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On the array side, we use our cluster of Dell PowerEdge R servers:. What Makes Us Different?.

Modified Item see all. New other see details. While the interface was a tad hard to read, it was nice having that option just in case it was the only thing around and a change had to be made. Tested by onsite technicians and in full working order.

Show only see all. In terms of read bandwidth, it peaked out at 1.

Download msa controller scsi array device driver

These systems take 24x 2. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. One day flash will take over, even in entry arrays targeted for the SMB.


Sorry, have had bad experience and hence. But today, the cost profile isn’t there yet and businesses with more modest needs shouldn’t worry about being all flash, as the HPE MSA delivers a highly capable, functional and cost-effective solution.

You may also like. The MSA line also supports remote replication, for those who want arrzy have a disaster recovery location off site.

OpenStack Docs: HP MSA Fibre Channel and iSCSI drivers

Across the board, the array offered exceptional low-latency performance, and in all areas offered strong sub-1ms latency with a broad usable throughput band. Tiering supports both read and write acceleration. HPE also offers virtualized snapshots to make data protection and recovery easy. Around the back of the unit, the two controllers are stacked in the middle, flanked on either side by power supplies.

Even in that case, however, the MSA provides great value when the buyer properly sizes and leverages caching or tiering, backed up by relatively inexpensive HDDs. The first includes 3. There are marks and scuffs on the exterior. In the MSA1. Although, as many of our readers understand, synthetic performance data only shows part of the story.

Looking at how well the array handled itself under load, we look at our 99th percentile latency at both 4VM and 8VM workload levels. Should an MSA owner decide to add flash later, the process is as straightforward as adding the drives controloer the system and enabling caching or tiering after an appropriate license is applied.

New Drivers  KODAK I1210 ISIS DRIVER

In either case, the contrlller process is automated, MSA does all the work as workloads change, and no management or thought by the end user is required to take advantage of these features. All relevant serial numbers are logged in a data base, we also use warranty stickers where appropriate.

When it comes to benchmarking storage arrays, application testing is best, and synthetic testing comes in second place. Right of cancellation does not apply to audio or video recordings or computer software if they have been unsealed.

In our application workloads, we saw fantastic performance. We measured the performance of two SQL Server configurations. However we may use our discretion also to provide the safest and best service.

HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage Review

This is the chassis and power supplies only. Users are able to select which pool the storage is located inside of, as well as a preference to which storage tier the data should reside. This allows us to repeat the same conntroller across a wide range of storage devices, including flash arrays and individual storage devices.

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